Black Seed Paste


This amazingly healthy paste is packed with natural ingredients that are good for your body. Black seed paste is also known as black cumin seed, “Habatul-Baraka” and has the botanical name of Nigella Sativa.
Used for many centuries as a nutritional substance as well as a remedy for many illnesses including digestive disorders, fever, headache and skin disease.
Usually used in the Middle East and Africa as a sweet dip mixed with honey or blended with cake mix to give a wonderful flavour. Black seed paste can also be made into a nutritious hot drink. While still on the stove, simply add back seed paste to a small pot of boiling hot water. Bring the mixture to the boil a few times, then leave it to settle for a few minutes. Pour into a mug and add honey or sugar to taste. Bear in mind that black seed on its own has a slightly bitter taste.
Ingredients: Black seed (also known as black cumin), sesame seeds.